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We believe that wellness isn’t something you do but it’s how you live. It's a process and lifelong journey that taps into all areas of our lives.

As part of the fast-paced, modern world we live in, we wear many hats, juggle the world and try to do it all with as much grace as possible. More often than not, our sense of wellness gets out-of-whack and we need tools to get back to ourselves, so we can get back to feeling right.

Through workshops, talks, retreats and events, Nourish takes a whole body, holistic approach to promoting wellness by providing tools and resources to ignite, transform and empower you in becoming the healthiest and happiest version of you.



Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to support your wellbeing on a consistent, daily basis.

our founders


sarah stebbins

A self proclaimed “wellness junkie” and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sarah is inspired to help other people live their healthiest life through her own personal health and wellness journey. Sarah grew up in an environment where she was always on the go; she played competitive soccer which meant practice daily sometimes an hour from her house, traveling hours to games and between states to tournaments. She was expected to maintain high grades which meant anytime she wasn’t playing soccer, school was her main focus. The combination of both soccer and school put her in chronic stress mode. Post college, Sarah moved to New York City where she didn’t miss a beat and became part of the go-go-go lifestyle. She regularly worked 70-80 hours per week and always placed work and other people’s needs before her own health. Feeling stressed and being busy was very normal, so Sarah never attributed her acne prone skin, hormonal imbalances or digestive discomfort to be a result of her lifestyle. In 2014, she had her awakening when she found herself completely burnt out at the ripe age of 26. She eliminated dairy and started incorporating more plant based foods and found that her skin cleared and her digestive health improved. From that point on, she was hooked on learning as much as she could about health and wellness. In 2017, she enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and simultaneously, started her wellness blog, Real Roots Health & Wellness, where she shares recipes and info on personal nutrition, stress management and self care.

Sarah is enormously passionate about inspiring and empowering people to live their healthiest and happiest through listening to their body. She believes that wellness isn’t just what you eat, or how you exercise, but just as important, is managing your stress levels, feeling connected in your relationships, satisfaction in your career and most importantly, setting personal boundaries.

Sarah’s roots are on the East Coast; she grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania and graduated from Juniata College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In 2015, Sarah made the one-way 2800 mile road trip (and dog park tour!) to Sacramento with her now fiance and two dogs, Bentley and Jack.

When Sarah isn’t curating experiences for Nourish, you can find her browsing the local health food stores and farmer’s markets, making nourishing buddha bowls in her kitchen, getting in a good cardio workout, exploring new cities, tasting her way through Sacramento’s delicious restaurants, purposely slowing down and reading about all things self growth, nutrition and business building.

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amber rosen

As a former athlete and fitness instructor and Marketing and Events Director, Amber was always looking for opportunities to bring health into her workplace and the events she produced. She had a strong sense that she was meant to do something that directly impacted people’s overall happiness and lifestyle; and began to see patterns in the work and meeting space that she felt needed a change. Over a decade of working in corporate America, she had a burning desire to help companies create a culture around building the esteem of employees by providing opportunities to become mentally and physically fit while at work. So at the end of 2015, Amber left the comforts of her job and created Breakroom Fitness, a company that provides innovative and impactful corporate wellness services to companies that are truly committed to investing in the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees and teams.
Ultimately, Amber is passionate about helping to create workplace cultures that value and promote employees’ health on every level.  She finds the utmost joy in creating and navigating programs for corporate America that foster living a life of balance, being active, nourishing your body, being confident and giving back.
Amber has lived in Sacramento for 17 years and graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Communications.  She later went on to become an accredited personal trainer and holds certifications in various group fitness formats.
When Amber is not working, you can find her traveling with her husband or girlfriends, boating during the summer, spending time with her daughter, taking a class at one of the many group fitness studios in Sacramento, or raising a glass over good food, good wine and good company. She is a diehard for adventure and loves to have fun in everything she does.

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