Community Roundtable


brianne norberg

Brianne Norberg was born in Sacramento, CA and has been rooted in this city for the last ten years. She has always been an entrepreneur and believes her purpose in life is to support and serve others . She has been a personal trainer for over four years running her training business, Warrior Women Fitness, downtown Sacramento.

The Women of Sacramento was conceptualized mid 2018 after Brianne posted an “In Search of” photo on Instagram in hopes of finding women owned businesses. The response was overwhelming. After creating a database of this information, she knew that others needed access to this knowledge to help cultivate the small business community of Sacramento. Her goal was to connect those in need with women providing the service, ultimately keeping business local and female powered. Her passion is creating inspirational, dynamic events to provide a platform for the women of Sacramento to thrive.


Kirsten spainhower, L.AC.

Kirsten is the founder of Better Balance Acupuncture + Wellness. Acupuncture changed her life when she was a teenager suffering from digestive issues, migraines and depression. 

Her health completely shifted when she moved toward alternative holistic treatments rooted in Chinese herbal medicine and using food as medicine. In 2014, Kirsten completed her masters of acupuncture and Chinese medicine from Southern California’s South Baylo University. 

Kirsten has a passion for business almost as strong as her love for Chinese medicine. She grew up working in her father’s chiropractic clinic where she cultivated an appreciation for entrepreneurship and learned how to run a successful practice. She is a firm believer that the best way to get what you want in life is to constantly get out of your comfort zone, stay focused on your ultimate vision, and to never take advice from anyone she wouldn’t want to trade places with.

In April of 2017, she decided to take the leap and open Better Balance Acupuncture + Wellness with just one treatment room and a whole lot of determination to help every single patient she possibly could. In just two short years Better Balance has grown to two beautiful locations each with multiple treatment rooms as well as a team of 2 other acupuncturists and 2 support staff. 

When she isn’t focusing on her patients and business, Kirsten loves backpacking in the Sierras, connecting with other brilliant women and resides in Fair Oaks with her fiancé. She considers their relationship her greatest accomplishment.


kristi randel

Kristi is a Sacramento based fitness instructor, and it’s safe to say that she helped develop rhythm based indoor cycling here. She’s known for her innovative cycle classes, like “Hills & Weights,” and inspirational one-liners. Her love of fitness began in college, where she was a National and World Champion cheerleader in Kentucky- something you’ll definitely hear in her voice. She’s taught multiple other platforms too, like TRX, bootcamp, HIIT, barre and pilates.

Kristi is now a Rhythm Based Cycle Master Trainer and has made her unique program public to boutique studios and individuals. Kristi has made a huge push for awareness of the importance of adopting pets in Sacramento, and has spearheaded many events in the area to benefit local shelters like Front Street and the SPCA - including her Shelter Sunday series which was born when she developed her blog: The Randel Rundown. As the content creator for a blog with her two sisters she writes workouts, creates community fitness events to benefit charities, shares plant based recipes and dog rescue stories.


Chelsea Randel

It’s safe to say that BIG things come in SMALL packages with this one. Chelsea is a Sacramento based fitness instructor, Climb Master Trainer and is hired to coach instructors all over the US on her specialty, but her roots are with rhythm based cycling.

If you’ve taken her class you know she’s one of the best. Her playlists are everybody’s favorite and all of her classes will leave you wobbly in the best way. She’s the queen of athleisure, animal advocate, new wife, and dog mom of 4. Chelsea is also a blogger with her sisters for The Randel Rundown, where they talk all things plant based living, dog rescue and fitness. Chelsea is a pro of living a life of balance, and insists on champagne at EVERY event to compliment her love of health and wellness. It's safe to say she's considered the life of the healthy party!


Dionne Thomas

Dionne Thomas is a powerful dance fitness instructor whose passion is to guide people to love themselves and move confidently through the world. She is well known for her ability to help people connect to their authentic self-expression. After leading thousands of people in dance, Dionne realized people need to learn how to give themselves permission and freedom to be who they truly are. Taking her desire to motivate people from the dance floor to the outside world, Dionne encourages us to awaken our inner dancer and allow ourselves to move courageously unguarded through the world.

In 2015 she was honored to be selected as a speaker at the TedX Conference in Temecula, California. Speaking at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, the Lululemon Residency in La Jolla, and presenting the keynote for the San Diego Women in Leadership Luncheon have been some of the highlights of her career. And her most exciting adventure to date has been creating the “Infuse Joy” Dance Celebration in southern California where more than 200 people gathered together in love and joy, united by the power of music and dance. Dionne’s mission is getting people to realize moving to your own rhythm is not just good for you, but good for society.


Erica Castillo

Erica Castillo is the founder of FIT CRAWL, a community-based fitness event series in Sacramento. Since 2016, FIT CRAWL is a fun and social fitness event, allowing participants the unique opportunity to try out different workouts from various boutique studios and instructors. To ensure each event is successful, Erica collaborates with local businesses, community partners and nonprofits to create an unforgettable fitness experience for a great cause! Health and fitness aside, Erica is known for her contributions at the City of Sacramento in her role as District Director for Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby and a communications consultant for small businesses.